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Ocean Blue

Like a giant picture book, Ocean Blue creates an immersive journey targeted at young children and their families - telling the story of how Forests, Rivers and Oceans are all connected. 

With art work tailored to the 4 - 7 yr old demographic, the work has delightful images of cheeky crabs, grumpy seagulls, and hidden octopuses to be discovered by young viewers. 

The environmental message is also embedded into the work: 95% made from recycled PET, and created in a studio that uses 100% renewable electricity. It opens positive conversations of  change, hope and sustainability for young people.

Proudly based on Gadigal Land, the beautiful City of Sydney
We use 100% Renewable Electricity 
A member of the National Association of Visual Artists 
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The Beautiful and Useful Studio  

Unit 2 / 414 Botany Rd, Beaconsfield NSW 2015


Just like a giant picture book - the work is heavily illustrated with a narrative of how Forests, Rivers and Oceans are all connected. Much of the detail is physically quite low in the work - targeted specifically at very young people to discover. By day the inflatable art work is brightly patterned and detailed with a deliberate 'done by hand' feel, by night  it becomes an illuminated landscape with internal led lighting


Premiere at the Rockhampton River Festival.




Creative Lead: Matthew Aberline

Consulting Engineer: Beta Engineering 

Manufactured by: The Beautiful and Useful Studio


Textiles made from recycled PET polyester. Manufactured using 100% renewable electricity (Solar). All polyester waste re-recycled onshore by Sealy.


There is opportunity to restage the existing work, or to redevelop the artwork  (ie the textile art) using the existing staging system. There is the opportunity to incorporate a new collaborating artist.

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