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Step One

We design and facilitate hands-on community art and mark-making workshops.

Step Two

We collage and combine the community artwork into dynamic printed fabric and sculptural forms.

Step Three

We facilitate the entire artwork installation and engineering process.

Unlocking community creativity

Our Community Art projects are based upon our fun, accessible creativity workshops, and harnessing that energy to create an artwork together.


We use a series of art and experiential techniques to draw amazing results from participants of all levels of ability. We focus on removing common blocks to creativity, and having fun with music, movement and lots of colour.

Workshops have themes tailored to the public art outcome and have included: celebrating place and landscape, sustainability and environmental issues, diversity and inclusion, and LGBTQI+ themes.

Community participant works are collated, merged and combined by the studio to create art textiles. These artworks are then transformed into public art sculptural objects that celebrate a community sharing their own stories.

Community Workshops

The Beautiful and Useful Studio  

Unit 2 / 414 Botany Rd, Beaconsfield NSW 2015


public art / first nations / community / performance


public art / museum / artists with intellectual disabilities 


public art / community / artists with intellectual disabilities 


public art / lgbtqi+ / community 


gallery / community / environment


public art / community 

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