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Matthew Aberline


A contemporary Australian Artist 

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At the heart of Aberline's work is a desire to challenge ideas around identity, particularly in relation to the Anglo-Saxon and French histories of textiles and couture.


His Queer point of view defines what is considered wearable and by incorporating it into their art, Aberline pushes the boundaries of what is traditionally accepted as art and fashion. Through their work, they encourage viewers to question their preconceptions around clothing and cultural identity, and to consider the ways in which these concepts are intertwined.

One of Aberline's most notable contributions to the art world is their use of installation art to create immersive, interactive experiences for viewers. By creating environments that incorporate clothing and sculptural textiles, Aberline blurs the lines between the gallery and the world outside, challenging viewers to consider the ways in which identity, fashion and art intersect. Through their use of performative elements, also invites viewers to become active participants in their work, encouraging them to consider their own relationship with clothing and identity.

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