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Drawing Not To Scale:

Base: Circle 5m Circumference / 1.6m Diameter

Main Vessel: 1.9m high

Main Vessel with Spikes: 3m

Weight of Vessel: 3kgs

Essential Info:

• The work (an installation of three urchins) requires one 10 amp power point for all fans and lights 

• The work uses water as internal ballast - so a hose and good water pressure is essential (450 litres for the whole work)

• The work must be staged on a surface that is reasonably flat, ie not a sloped hillside, but can be grass, cement, gravel etc. 

Files to Download

Safety Work Method (SWMs)

SWMs for Townsville Baby Urchins


Engineering Certificate

Engineering Certificate: 60kmph winds / 150kgs


FR Certificate / Textile Data Sheet

Info about FR rating



$20M Public Liability 

$20M Products Liability 

$5M Professional Indemnity 

$250,000 Property in Care


Frequency Asked Questions

Answers to rain, covers and dirty fingerprints!


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Baby Urchins

Tech Specs

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